Wife For The Night - Wife-For-The- Night failed to deliver total satisfaction

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So I paid for a Wife-For-The-Night to show up Christmas Eve.

She shows up, and the first thing wrong was her high heels were'nt 5" like I ordered her to wear.More like 4".Then the Maid uniform she wore did not rip off her supple virgin body like it should have.

She did not moan and groan as promised either.

I want a repeat visit **on the house**. And a letter of apology from the owner **Monique** along with a $1000.00 gift card to make up for my heartbreak.

But most of all I want a super penicilian shot to stop the onslaught of the STD she said she gave me!!!

Why me oh Lord???

Review about: Replacement Wife.



I lost IQ points reading this trash...

Kholargos, Attica, Greece #228557

I have confirmed that Hanna, who was on call for your appointment did not perform as per agreement.

As to the contract, we will "comp" your next appointment 100%, with your conditions of service.

Thank you for your patience with this matter.



"she did not moan and groan as promised either" :cry

Come on Man.. 3 inches doesn't do it anymore.

Allenton, Michigan, United States #228328

Grow up and quit spreading your trash you worthless and brainless ***!!!!!!!!!!!! :upset :upset :upset

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